The war on drugs has caused a rift between the purpose of its endeavor and the outcome. It has created a for-profit system that sees people go to jail for minor things like possessing an item which is here one day and gone the next. Drugs, something most adults use and abuse on a daily basis has turned our government against us. At the intersection of this breakdown between drugs and money is communication. Words, names, descriptions, prices—all these things rely on communication.

DRUGS is a typeface created to marry the for profit industry of distribution and government intervention. Dealers and the long arm of the law are represented in a font that is 100% about the money. There is nothing special about this typeface, it has no frills, it doesn't feature any ligatures, the kerning, and leading is awful. There are no special ornamentals and the lower-case set looks awful. You wont find anything but capitals, lower-case, and a few punctuation marks.

There is an ampersand though...